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Subscription databases include online encyclopedias, journal articles, eBooks, magazines, documents, news, image collections, videos, and more.  It’s like one-stop shopping for quality resources – many of which aren’t available on the internet.  Databases are easily searched and often allow you to sort by date, readability, or type of source.  We challenge Google to do this!

What is a Subscription Database?
EBSCO Databases

EBSCO offers a number of subscription databases to connect students to valuable information sources not available in the free web.  Some of these search engines include:

Use this database for a general search of EBSCO resources. The advanced search feature will help you focus in on specific information.

 Our favourite general search database for secondary students. Search among the listed categories or by key word.  

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre
Resources presenting multiple sides of a current issue. Includes an overview, point, counterpoint and a critical thinking guide, as well as supplementary articles on Canadian issues.

Consumer Health Complete
Provides in-depth information on health and wellness issues, drugs, recent scientific research, as well as mainstream and holistic perspectives...

Access to hundreds of magazine subscriptions including topics such as: animals, sports, science, French, fashion, politics, food, and more! Read articles from the magazines or view the full article as a PDF document.
French Magazines

General Magazines

Teen Magazines

Kids Magazines

Gale Databases

Gale Databases offer students access to a comprehensive amount of authoritative information across a collection of subject-specific databases.
The databases we offer include:

Power Search
Starting your research and need to narrow down your topic to a specific inquiry question?  Enter your keyword search and scroll down to the bottom right-hand side under Analyze to locate the                             icon. Click on the link and the keywords most often used in the available resources are shown in a Topic Finder graphic. Click on subsections to explore and narrow your focus.

Canada in Context
This database contains information on topics such as people, places, or events that are specifically connected to Canada. The information is available in many forms such as; magazines, journals, newspapers, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files, and other external links.


Global Issues in Context
Browse current world issues and global topics like social, political, military, economic, environmental, health and cultural issues. The site provides access to maps, videos, and world news. It also includes research tools and the ability to do advanced search.


Science in Context
Includes an array of topics including 3D Printing, Pollution, Kinetic Energy, Life Cycles, Learning Disorders, Cancer, Space, Medical Technology, Chemicals, Elements, and more! It provides you with access to maps that display global statistics and allows you to highlight, take notes, create a folder for articles and many other helpful features.


World History in Context
Contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History.


Gale Reference eBooks
Provides searchable eBooks on Art, Humanities, Alternate Energy, Ancient Civilizations, 21st Century Writers, Canadian Parliamentary Guide, Drugs and Addictive Substances, Animal Life, Industrial Revolution, Canadian Provinces, Nutrition, Governments of the World, the History of Ideas, and much more!

Points to the Past (British Columbia)

Supported by the University of Victoria Libraries, University of British Columbia Library, and Simon Fraser University Library; in collaboration with Gale.

"Points to the Past is your gateway to a world-class collection of primary sources, made up of nearly 200 million pages of digitized historical content – maps, photos, newspapers, manuscripts, pamphlets, portraits, and much more. Researchers are free to explore a vast range of resources through Points to the Past, including Eighteenth Century and Nineteenth Century Collections Online, esteemed periodicals such as the Economist and the Financial Times, and digitized materials from the Smithsonian Institution."
6-- Points of the Past, About Page

Learn 360

Learn360 is a broad-based digital resources streaming service for K–12 schools. This resource includes full educational videos, video clips, audio and audio-books, newsreel footage, audio and video speeches, music tracks, sound effects, and encyclopedia articles.

***Note: The username for this database is langleysd, the password is the same as it is for the other databases. Not sure what it is? Come to the library and ask.

***Attention Teachers:  The District Aboriginal Program has recommended that we do not use the Learn 360 series: "Native Peoples of the Northwest: Native Peoples" and any videos with "Native American" content.


AtoZ World Culture
One-Stop research for Country information. Look at the history, culture, education, statistics, human rights, and more! With access to over 170 Countries, the world is at your fingertips!

Available in multiple languages.


AtoZ World Food
Explore recipes and food culture by country, ingredient, specific recipe or reference topics. 174 countries, 6,000+ recipes, 9,000+ food photo's and more! You can even create your own personal recipe book - yum!!!

Available in multiple languages.

World Book Online

World Book provides us with general articles, primary documents, a collection of links to world newspapers, dictionary, maps, atlas, e-Books and may more formats of information on a vast amount of topics. It supplies us with the following search engine options, but ADVANCED is the best choice for secondary students:

World Book.PNG

Focused Education Resources (formerly ERAC)

ERAC offers access to many of the databases already listed such as World Book, EBSCO, and Gale. It does, however, allow access to French and Spanish reference tools, NoveList (for reading), and other great resources that house simplified information.

National Geographic Kids

Allows you to explore topics that include Animals, History, Environment, Science, and more! You can find information available in audio recordings, pictures, videos, magazine articles and even books. This is a great resource that is simple to use and an ideal starting point to research a topic you may know nothing about!

The Canadian Encyclopedia

This free site provides access to our national encyclopedia which contains over 30,000 multi-media items alone! Search events, people, places and things to develop new knowledge and find a Canadian perspective about all aspects of our great country!

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada website is a very reliable place to access information. It provides data that is specifically related to Canada and its government. Some of the amazing sites they offer include:


The Atlas of Canada
 This site provides access to interactive maps, reference maps, historic maps, and thematic maps of Canada. You are able to search within the map itself for specific locations, draw on the map, and obtain the coordinates of the location you are examining.


Statistics Canada
Covers an array of topics including Environment, Crime and Justice, Aboriginal Peoples, Health, Languages, Science and Technology, and more. It provides statistics on these topics in such formats as charts, diagrams, facts, annual reports, graphics, articles, and more depending on the topic. 


This site is the home to the Encyclopedia of British Columbia which showcases our province's history and offers access to facts, articles, suggested reading lists, nature guides, and more - including blogs.  If you need information on BC this is the place to find it!

Looking for a Funny or Romantic book?  How about something Atmospheric and Creepy?

NoveList is a database for book lovers who are searching for a particular genre, want to read a book just like their last good read, or are simply searching for inspiration.   Read summaries, reviews, check out the read-alike suggestions, and discover which books are available in our collection.

So you found a great book that we don't have here at WGSS?  Be sure to complete a suggestion form so we can consider adding it to our library.

The Fraser Valley Regional Library also offers additional digital resources which you can access with a library membership card.  Teens (13-18 years old) just need to present one piece of ID (such as your Gator student card) and set up an personalized access password.  Some additional resources include:

  • Points to the Past

  • MasterFILE Premier

  • Academic Search Premier

  • Naxos Music Library

  • Canadian Newstand

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